The huge crowds and long lines on Black Friday weekend can be a headache, and the people checking out customers can often face the brunt of frustration.

One organization in Northern Virginia is calling on shoppers to chill out and just be nice.

“The cashiers are just doing their job,” said Gina Schweppe, who's with Loudoun Coupons For Hope.

People working inside stores on Thanksgiving weekend sacrifice time with family and friends.

However, Schweppe has witnessed cashiers dealing with grumpy customers because of chaos and long lines.

“Inside — I get really upset inside,” she said.

The extreme couponing mother and blogger found herself apologizing for other people’s behavior, and this year wanted to do more.

Loudoun Coupons For Hope started Cashier Appreciation Weekend in Northern Virginia where people are encouraged to hand out cards with a message.

“We can’t make customers smile or ease the ache in your feet, but we can give you a thanks and a treat,” the printable card reads.

The two goals are to let cashiers know they are appreciated and remind customers to be nice.

“You can give them a little candy treat,” Schweppe explained. “You can give them a lip balm, or you can give them a hand sanitizer, lotion — just a little something to say thank you.”

Schweppe also gave advice to help customers.

  • Shop online first where you can still get Black Friday deals, free shipping, and cash back
  • Make a list and be focused
  • Check mailers and websites for coupons to pair with sales
  • Don’t forget to eat

“If you’re hungry you’re going to be cranky, you’re not going to want to deal with the lines, you’re going to be more agitated and more rude to these poor cashiers working. No one ever wants to be with anyone who is hungry,” Schweppe said. “It’s just not a good idea.”

Schweppe created a blog and added that customers should also check out drug stores during the holiday weekend.