Video of a Texas man using CPR to revive a baby stuck in tornado debris is bringing more attention to that life saving practice.

A man named Tom Mitchell used CPR on the baby after a tornado tore through Canton earlier this week.

WUSA9 talked to SERVE DC about CPR Monday evening to learn more about what people should do when caught in such a situation.

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Michael Briscoe, a CPR instructor with SERVE DC, said it's acceptable to conduct on CPR on both children and infants.

"For a toddler, you would actually do chest compressions with one hand and you actually want to go about two inches deep," he said. "And, when you give your rescue breaths for a toddler, you actually don't have to go as deep as much as you would for an adult."

Briscoe added if you do not know CPR, you can still attempt to conduct hands-only CPR on a person who needs help. That practice only involves chest compressions.

He also told WUSA9 he believes every child should learn how to do CPR.

"Children talk to other children and then they go back and share it with their families and then their families become interested," Briscoe said.

SERVE DC offers free CPR training to DC residents and people that frequently visit the District.

You can learn more about that service on their website by clicking here.