The city of Waldorf, Md. was mourning Friday night after a horrible single vehicle crash that killed two students and injured another.

The Charles County Sheriff's Office says speed was a factor in the deadly crash that took the lives of two teens.

On Friday night, all that was left of the crash was glass scattered on the road. The two victims were Westlake High School seniors identified as Colin Bipat and Desmond Cooke.

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Pure heartache from family and students at the scene on Smallwood Drive West in Waldorf.

A mange led mess was what was left of the car that Colin Bipat, Desmond Cooke, and Caleb Marshall were riding in Friday afternoon. All were Westlake High School students.

Just months away from graduation, both Desmond Cooke and Colin Bipat did not survive the accident.

Witnesses say they saw the Sedan speeding eastbound on Smallwood Drive West.

Deputies say instead of hitting stopped traffic at a red light, the car swerved into a median, hitting a utility pole.

Continuing what has been a tragic year for Westlake High School.

"I left school with a pit in my stomach, third incident this year and fourth fatality. It just hit me hard," said Michael Meiser, the Westlake High School Principal.

On Friday night, the memorials continue on a day filled with so much grief.

The sole survivor, Caleb Marshall, was flown to a hospital in serious condition.

Westlake's principal says the students were in career oriented programs outside of school, that's why they were not in school at the time of the accident.