Should you leave a window open during a hurricane, so the air pressure won't pop your roof off and combust your house?


Urban legend alert! Don't try this at home.


National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association

Howard Bernstein, WUSA9 Meteorologist


Like a piece of costume jewelry passing through the family so many times it's perceived to be a precious metal, this "scientific" tip is nothing more than fake gold.

For years people have perpetuated the misconception that you should leave a window open during a hurricane so that the air pressure inside matches the dropping air pressure outside. The idea is that being balanced stops your roof from popping off and your walls from bursting.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, the best thing to do in a hurricane is keep all your doors and windows shut.

Our veteran Meteorologist Howard Bernstein says houses don't exist in a hermetic state; they have small crevices that leak air in and out. Keeping the window ajar will cause more harm than good.