Will Facebook start charging you to login?


We can verify this is false.



Nanette White from D.C. reached out to WUSA9's Adam Longo about a message being sent out on Facebook. The message says Facebook will start charging you to login unless you forward the message to 18 friends.

We can verify that the message is a digital chain letter, like the letters people used to receive that would say forward to five friends or you'll have bad luck.

First we noticed that the message being sent on Facebook doesn't direct you where to pay or put in any personal information.

Facebook itself is addressing the issue. It's a popular topic in their help area.

Our verify researchers found that this bogus message started appearing five months ago.

If you get something fishy, you can figure out what to do by just going to

If you ever end up with anything that looks sketchy, never open the links or any attachments that come along with it because that could end up compromising you or your computer somehow.


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