Was Kelly Clarkson forced to lose 25 pounds by producers of 'The Voice'? And did she use a weight lose supplement that helped her lose 25 pounds in 25 days?


We can verify this is false.


Reverse image search on Google


The article appears online with the US Weekly logo with the headline "Kelly Clarkson forced to lose 25 pounds by producers on the voice."

The story claims producers felt Kelly no longer met the character description of a star of the show and told her she needed to drop 25 pounds by the time they started shooting in three weeks.

Miraculously, Ellen Degenerous came to the rescue and dropped a weight loss product that helped Kelly lose 25 pounds in 25 days.

We determined this story was false by first by going to the top right and clicking "more." It linked us right to the page for the weight loss supplement that Kelly supposedly took to lose weight.

Secondly, we noticed the URL or web address, which is

The real US Weekly website can be found at

Finally, we took the picture used by the website that shows how much weight Kelly lost and dropped it into reverse Google image search. The picture is from the Billboard Music Awards taken in May of 2012.


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