Was a baby really named Fidget Spinner?


We can verify this is false.


Michelle Corson, Kern County Public Health Department


A guy on Facebook named Skweezy Jibs has 53,000 followers.

He posted a picture of him holding a birth certificate telling a story about a woman calling him to say she's giving birth and he's the father. Once at the hospital, he tells the woman that he'll sign the birth certificate only if he gets to name the baby.

And what name did he chose? Fidget Spinner.

WUSA9's Adam Longo traded text messages with Michelle Corson who works at the Kern County Public Health Department.

There is no live birth they have on record that matches that name. And she also said you don't get a copy of the birth certificate right there at the hospital.

Turns out, Skweezy is actually actor and writer Tim Savage. He created the fictional Skweezy character to up his profile in Hollywood.


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