How much faster than the speed limit can one go before getting nabbed by a speed camera?


Up to 10 mph in Washington, D.C. Up to 11 mph in Montgomery and Prince George's counties.


Metropolitan Police Department

Montgomery County Police Department

Prince George's County Police Department


Last week we ran a Verify segment that took a deeper dive on your traffic questions.

We verified that a ticket is 100 percent valid if the state trooper issues it without wearing his hat, that Virginia State Police have airplanes that fly over highways giving out tickets--though they haven't done so in years because of the costs. Lastly, we verified how fast above the speed limit you can go before getting pulled over for a ticket.

Clearly, traffic triggers questions, because you wanted to know more about speeding cameras.

So we polled viewers: How fast over the speed limit can you go?

"I was always told 5. However some states will fine you for that." -Tara Steinerman Kugler.

"MD statewide is supposed to be 12 mph over to trigger the ticket...there is a chance he camera is not calibrated properly and you can contest the ticket." -Glenda Jordan.

"I got one for 3 over from a MD camera. 48 in a 45." -Ray Ford

"Get the Waze app people!" -Dominick A. Puci III

Verify researchers called the Metropolitan Police Department who confirmed speed cameras are not triggered until reaching 11 mph or above the posted speed limit.

Prince George's County and Montgomery County Police Departments say speed cameras nab you at 12 mph or above the posted limit.


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