One of our viewers, Justine Gilligan, came across a story of Texas about a mother who gave child Gerber Puffs. They're small snacks for toddlers. The mother said while her daughter was eating, she noticed a pill among the puffs.

The story got a lot of parents concerned.  In her note to us, Justine asked if we could look into the case and see if its credible enough to give parents a heads up.

We reached out to the Nestle Company to verify the story.  They produce Gerber products. We sent an email and received a response from Cathy Dunn, a Senior Manager of Internal Communication & Issues Management at Gerber.

In a statement sent to us by Dunn, it said there was no recall for Gerber Puffs. The statement also called the Texas incident was "isolated" and said its highly unlikely for a pill to be introduced into a finished product during manufacturing as the company has strict safety protocols.  All of its packages are checked using detectors and sensors.

So, we can verify there is no recall for the Gerber Puffs and that Nestle is conducting an investigation into what happened.

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