It's a slick, stylish car commercial worthy of a Lamborghini. But it's only out to sell a 1996 Honda Accord with 141,000 miles on it.

It's been viewed more than 4-million times on Youtube, but never once during a network commercial break.

Is this snazzy ad a joke or is it legit? Our Verify team popped the hood and kicked the tires.

We cross-checked Ebay, Reddit and AutoCheck, using the Vehicle Identification Number, license plate, year, make and model. And we can Verify that the Honda shown in the ad is the same Honda that was put up for auction on Ebay with a starting bid of only $499.

Incidentally, records show the car spent time in Hagerstown back in 1998, before making its way to California.

As for the commercial: It was done tongue-in-cheek. But we can Verify that it's legit. A director named Max Lanman filmed it and put it on the web, hoping to attract some bids. The Honda belongs to his girlfriend. They want to sell it to help pay for their wedding.

Turns out -- Lanman's girlfriend is not the woman behind the wheel. She's a friend of theirs. And the ad's narrator is a neighbor. Lanman used his own gear to shoot all of the footage, including a drone that captured some gorgeous coastline aerials.

Among those who saw this viral video were the folks at Carmax. They were so impressed, they made their own video -- offering to pay $20,000 for the car.

Lanman's response: "This is amazing. Let's talk."

Not bad for a 21-year-old Accord with a cassette player.