Is Instagram deleting accounts and the only way to save your account from being deactivated is to use #SaveMyIG?


We can verify this is false. There was a bug that is causing users to be logged out of their accounts. Instagram got back with WUSA9 Friday evening to confirm the issue had been fixed.


Paige Thelen, Instagram Communications Manager


Many Instagram users were frantic when they saw a post circulating on social media sites warning that Instagram will be turning off more than 30,000 accounts and the only way to maybe save your account from being deactivated is to use #SaveMyIG and follow a savior account between July 6-8. The post is signed by the Instagram CEO Kevin.

Plenty of concerned users tweeted the hashtag and shared the post on Facebook. But one of our viewers, Jade, was not totally convinced the warning was true, so she reached out to us to verify.

Your instincts were right about this one Jade. An Instagram communications manager confirmed to our Verify team that this post is false and not from Instagram. And the last time CEO Kevin Systrom posted on the site he co-founded was seven days ago.

However, we were informed of a bug that was causing Instagram users to be locked out of their accounts. Instagram Communications Manager Paige Thelen said the issue had been resolved as of Friday afternoon.

Instagram gave us the rundown on the bug, stating the following:

  • No accounts were deleted. However, the bug logged some users out of their accounts, while also locking their accounts from view.
  • This bug affected a very small percentage of users.


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