Is FEMA giving out $250 to people who lost power after Hurricane Irma?


No, this is false.


FEMA spokesperson,


One of the latest hurricane aftermath posts being shared on social media claims, “claims “If you went 2 or more days without power fema is refunding $250 you just need to call the fema number. SHARE let your friends know."

The post had over 55,000 shares on Sept 18 with Facebook users commenting about how to apply and what is the number to call.

WUSA9 News spoke with a FEMA spokesperson who confirmed the claim in the post is not accurate. FEMA says they do not refund just power outages.

“If you live in a disaster declared county in Texas or Florida that has been hit by Hurricane Harvey or Irma, you can apply for aid at”, the spokesperson said.

Another way to apply for disaster assistance is by calling the number: 800-621-3362.

FEMA also explains that just because someone was without power does not necessarily mean they will qualify for disaster assistance.

Another way to tell this post is not an official claim from FEMA, the acronym in the post spells “fema” lowercase.

According to the most recent report from the Florida Division of Emergency Management, 267,323 people remain without power post Irma. To learn more about filing for disaster assistance, click here.


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