Is California now accepting blood from people with HIV?


No, this is false.


S.B. Bill 239


At Verify we've had some pretty "out there" claims that make you say "what the what?" And this next one is right up that alley, even the verify viewer that sent it to the verify team said, "This is freakin crazy.”

So here it is, an article on the website Your News Wire with a shocking headline claiming that California governor Jerry Brown will give the go-ahead to a bill that allows HIV positive people to donate their blood and knowingly exposing others.

Even veteran actor James Woods tweeted the link to this same article, it was retweeted by more than 8,000 people. So now a ton of people have seen it. So is it for real?

To get the answer, our Verify team tracked down the bill the article is talking about. It was signed in October 2017 and does deal with HIV. The bill cuts the punishment for knowingly exposing someone to HIV. it was up to eight years in prison now it’s just a misdemeanor with the guilty facing just six months of jail time.

However, nothing in that bill backs up anything in this twisted headline saying the governor is allowing HIV positive people to donate blood.


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