It costs parents about $16,000 per year to raise one child according to the USDA. New parents may wonder what products are necessary and which ones can we do without to save money.

With all the hype over baby water, KENS 5 wanted to Verify -- is bottled baby water better for your baby than tap water or can you get by without it?

It costs about a dollar to two dollars per gallon so, over time, that can add up to a significant cost.

We spoke to Dr. Linda Parsi, a pediatrician in San Antonio. She told us a few things about bottled baby water and emphasized that baby water is not sterilized water, it's simply been purified or distilled.

In fact, she says that tap water is completely safe for babies to drink alone or mixed with formula if the baby is under 6 months old.

Dr. Parsi also said that the only time she would suggest purchasing baby water is if you live in an area where there are high lead levels in the water or you rely on well water that may not be treated properly.

"If [the] lead level is high in those areas or, again, well water, then the bottled water would be an ideal choice for that area, so there's not a right or wrong answer," she said. "Maybe for convenience, just understand it's not sterile water. And they still recommend it be boiled for a minute. That [is coming] from the Academy of Pediatrics."

Dr. Parsi added that flouride in baby water is not harmful for them. In fact, she prefers that for babies and adults.

In sum, we can verify that baby water is not more beneficial for your baby than tap water, but doctors say purchase it if it gives you peace of mind.

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