Many of you have seen the article "Anti-Abortion advocate calls for Serena Williams to be stripped of grand slam title claiming 'fetal personhood' means she was unfairly advantaged" on your newsfeed. But there were many who are skeptical of the article.

"I find this story very hard to believe but it has been making the rounds on Facebook." wrote Sharon Samuels in an email to WUSA9's verify account. People are actually commenting on this story...believing it to be true.  Please verify."

The article, written by Katie Thorburn, claimed that Australian politician Reverend Fred Nile said that Serena William's unborn child gave her an edge during her stunning grand slam performance in January.

"She was playing doubles in a singles tournament," the article said.

And because she had an unfair advantage, her win is not valid.

A few simple clues demonstrate the article is satire. First, the article is posted in the comedy section of the Honi Soit, a Australian student newspaper.  Also, the reporter who wrote the article, retweeted a tweet acknowledging the article as satire.

Katie Thorburn's satire piece went mega viral.  Why? In this post-Trump world, it didn't even seem like a far-fetched claim. Yikes," said a tweet from Aparna Balakumar.

So, the next time you see this article on your news feed or on twitter, don't share it and don't waste your time arguing with others.  Post the link to this story and explain that the story has been verified as false.


Katie Thornburn


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