Is Forever 21 selling rings with Swastika symbols at their stores?


No, they are not this, the picture of the rings is a hoax that actually appeared a year ago.


Forever 21 Spokesperson, reverse search image


A post about Swastika designed rings with Forever 21 logos on them is getting lots of people fired up, but it's not exactly the first time the image has surfaced.

People have been sharing the post on Twitter and Facebook, angry that the popular clothing store would sell Nazi related items. Some shoppers claimed they would be boycotting the store and one woman even called out a specific location selling the rings at a Nashville mall, Opry Mills.

So WUSA9 News contacted Forever 21 and a spokesperson, Alecia Pulman, confirmed the rings are not a product made or carried by the company:

"Forever 21 takes feedback and product concerns very seriously. With regards to the rings in question, they are not a Forever 21 product. These images surfaced a year ago and following a thorough investigation, including an audit of all international and domestic store records, we have reconfirmed that the reported item was never sourced, produced or sold by Forever 21. We believe the pictures in question were part of an unfortunate and cruel Internet hoax. Forever 21 would never knowingly source or sell such merchandise."

When the image first surfaced last year, Forever 21 responded on Facebook August 15, 2016 stating the rings are not a product of theirs.

Also, Google reverse search of the image did not result in any links back to the Forever 21 online shopping website.

How the image was made or why the hoax has resurfaced is still unknown.


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