Do you add milk to your morning coffee?

For some of you, that's a definite no-no. Maybe you love milk. But it does not love you.

You're not lactose intolerant. It's just that -- milk gives you trouble 'down there.'

Some folks in that situation swear by a special kind of cow's milk that could soon be taking up more space in supermarket coolers.

It's called A2.

And you'll find plenty of fans on social media. People like Adele, who went on Facebook to say: "Thank you. It's the first time in years that I've been able to have milk without being sick."

So what's the deal with A2?

First -- to avoid confusion: The company that makes A2 milk is also called A2.

They point out that regular cow's milk contains two types of proteins. A1 -- and you guessed it -- A2.

The company says the A1 protein gives some folks digestive trouble. So it tests cows, and only uses cows that produce the A2 protein.

No A1 in the milk -- no stomach trouble, right?

But how solid is that claim?

Here's what our Verify team has found.

The company points to a handful of studies linking the A1 protein to inflammation in the gut. But the company FUNDED many of those studies. And that raises a red flag.

In other, more independent studies, some results have been mixed, and some inconclusive.

Also, there have not been many studies on PEOPLE. And even then -- they involved just a few dozen individuals.

Bottom line: The jury is still out on the health benefits of A2 milk.

But get ready to see more of it at the grocery store. The manufacturer plans to ramp up production big-time next year.

Expect to pay about twice what you shell out for regular milk.