Has UPS changed their delivery attempt policy for packages?


No, the policy still remains as three attempts at delivery.


UPS spokesperson


With the holiday season upon us, making sure we got packages delivered on time is crucial.
Viewer Joy Hunter reached out to the WUSA9 Verify team with some confusion regarding UPS delivery policy. Joy said she always thought it was 3 attempts drivers made at dropping off a package before sending it off to a UPS location.

But now Joy said she heard the new policy may be that they only make one attempt at delivery and to have a package redelivered can cost $6.00.

We know how stressful it can be not getting that precious package in time for loved ones around the holidays so we’re giving you everything you need to know!

Verify researchers contacted a UPS spokesperson who clarified when it comes to delivering, it’s actually up to the driver who uses their discretion if they want to leave the package at the door based on if the area seems safe to leave a box.

Drivers will then drop the package to the nearest Access Point location. UPS said if there are not any access point sites are nearby, three delivery attempts at an address should be made with a “sorry we missed you notice.”

Picking up packages from Access Point locations are free but once it’s there it will cost you five bucks if you want the package redelivered to your address. You can also opt to have your items delivered during a two-hour window that costs $8.

Choose from an array of delivery preferences if you sign up at UPS My Choice.


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