Raking your leaves can be a pain. You don't want to do it. You can make your kid do it -- but they don't wanna do it either. So, what if you didn't do it at all? You just left your leaves right there on the lawn?

The National Wildlife Federation says 'go ahead' -- that's actually better for both you and the environment.

Is that for real?

Our Verify team checked it out.

Turns out, Michigan State University conducted a three-year study. On some lawns, they raked away the leaves. On others, they simply ran over the leaves with a mower, turning the leaves into mulch.

The result: Lawns with mowed-up leaves were much healthier. More nutrients in the soil. Better at retaining moisture. Far fewer weeds.

But there's a bigger picture, too. Nature groups say those mulched leaves help butterflies and birds flourish. Plus, leaves left on your lawn won't be taking up space at the landfill.

So we can Verify: Leaving the leaves is a win-win.


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