Does exposure to flood waters increase your odds of tetanus infection?


No, this claim is false.


Center for Disease and Control Prevention, Federal Emergency Management Agency


So many selfless people continue to assist Harvey flood victims and communities in need, you yourself may even be thinking of heading to the frontlines to help.

People on social media have been encouraging those who've been exposed to Houston flood waters or want to volunteer to get Tetanus shots. One clinic in Houston is even offering free tetanus vaccines on September 9.

The Texas State Association of Firefighters announced the International Associations of Firefighters has even purchased $300,000 of tetanus and hepatitis A vaccines for firefighters.


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However, according to the Center for Disease and Control’s website, a disaster does not increase the risk for tetanus.

Both the CDC and FEMA state that booster shots are recommended every 10 years.

If you have suffered a cut or wound that has been exposed to flood water, you should be evaluated for a tetanus immunization. To learn more about tetanus vaccines, click here.


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