By law, are employers in the DMV required to give time off for employees to vote?


In Maryland yes, two hours paid time off. In Virginia and the District, there's no law.


Maryland Election Law 10-315

National Federation of Independent Business


Whether you make it to the polls can sometimes come down to a very simple equation. Subtract your work hours and your average commute total from the 13 hours polls are open and you might find yourself with a negative number.

Online employees lamented that they would love to do their civic duty and vote, but were stuck in a cubical.

"Because of work, I couldn't make it to my assigned voting area. But I vote, in spirit," one tweet said.

"I say this every year, but Election Day should be a national holiday so that people who work long hours or have multiple jobs can vote," read another.

Our Verify team set out to find--are DMV employers required to give employees time off to vote?

Good news for those of you in Maryland, employers must give you up to two hours to vote on election day. It's paid time off too. Your boss can ask for proof that you voted too, to make sure you didn't play hooky.

Maryland is one of 15 states that give paid time off to vote, according to the National Federation of Independent Bussiness.

Virginia and the District both do not mandate time of for voting.

For those in Virginia volunteering as an election officer, your boss is not allowed to fire you for volunteering as long as the employee gives ample notice that you'll be off that day.


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