Did Justin Timberlake say nice things about Woodbridge, Va. residents after his car broke down?


We can verify this is false.


An article from KCST 7 News is being shared on Facebook.

The article has the headline "What Justin Timberlake said about Woodbridge, Virginia Residents."

The article claims Justin Timberlake had a rental car and it broke down near the Prince William Parkway. The article goes on to say a whole bunch of people stopped to help him out, not even realizing who he was.

We can verify this is fake news.

For starters, KCST 7 News doesn't exist.

There is a KCST, but it's a news radio station on the Central Oregon Coast.

Also, on the site where the articles appear, you can click on the disclaimer tab and it says it's a satirical and fantasy website.

There's also been other fake news headlines with the exact same story from similar sites.

The following are examples of some of the other fake headlines:

"What Justin Timberlake said about Elkhardt, Indiana residents"

"Justin Timberlake had this to say about Florence, South Carolina"

"What did Adam Sandler have to say about Manassas"


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