Is this Facebook post where a Stafford, Virginia mom claims her daughter found pills in her Happy Meal legit?


Unfortunately, yes.


Crystal Ann's Facbook post

Brent McCord, Environmental Health Manager, Virginia Department of Health

Major Donald Lenhart, Chief Deputy, Stafford County Sheriff's Office

Craig Welburn, McDonald's Owner/Operator

Virginia Law- Administrative Code for Food Regulations

Rappahannock Health District Restaurant and Food Service Inspections


Crystal Ann vented on Facebook less than a half hour after making an alarming discovery.

"Went through the McDonald's drive thru in Stafford to get Adelyn a happy meal tonight. She brings me her box all excited and asks me "Is this candy?!" -"UMMM, NO!!! WHAT THE HECK IS THAT!!!!"

Crystal Ann wrote how she was shaking after her daughter lifted a pouch of three pills from inside her chicken tender Happy Meal. Ann writes she informed Stafford police, the restaurant, the restaurant's corporate office and "the health department."

Our Verify researchers confirmed all of those statements are true.

Crystal Ann called the Stafford County Sheriff's Office and a deputy came to her door within the hour.

"The event did happen on August 15, 2017. Three pills found in a small bag were reported found in a happy meal. The mother that purchased the food noticed it when she got home and called our agency, Major Don Lenhart, Chief Deputy in Stafford said.

"A deputy responded to the home of the complainant and took the report. He also took possession of the pills and from the numbers on them, found they were Acetaminophen...It is a type of aspirin used for muscle pain, Lenhart said Sunday.

Lori Loker at McDonald's corporate office confirmed that the Stafford McDonald's was made aware of the mishap at their store on Garrisonville Road.

"We have been made aware that an over-the-counter aspirin accidentally fell from a crew member's pocket into the packaging of a recent customer order," Craig Welburn, McDonald's operator said. "This was completely unintentional and we apologize for any concern that this may have caused our customer."

Virginia Department of Health and Stafford County Health Department confirmed the event as well. Brent McCord of Virginia Department of Health said the Stafford office conducted a complaint inspection on site on August 21 at 11 a.m.

Verify didn't stop there. We found that this employee is responsible for two health code violations, one for not storing the meds in a place away from food, and another for not having the pills in an original labeled container.

The Stafford store had it's last health inspection in June and found zero violations.

So we can verify that a a bag of asprins mistakenly fell into a Happy Meal that was purchased for a small child in Stafford, Virginia.


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