Did a Houston area Home Depot sell a case of water bottle for $42?


Yes they did, but quickly admitted that putting that sign out was a mistake and they quickly moved to sell the bottles for 17 cents each.


Home Depot spokesperson, Matthew Harrigan


With all the outpour of donations Hurricane Harvey victims have been receiving, it’s hard to believe any business would raise prices for necessities at a time like this.

But that’s exactly what some people are angrily claiming a Home Depot in the Houston area did after a picture surfaced on social media last week of Dasani water bottles with the price $42.72 taped on.

WUSA9 News contacted Home Depot spokesperson, Matthew Harrigan who confirmed the photo and price were real, but there’s a backstory.

According to the spokesperson, The Dasani water was only labeled in their computers for individual sale at the store in Clear Lake Shores, Texas and a customer wanted to buy the single bottles before being unwrapped from the plastic, at $1.78 per bottle that adds up to $42.72 for 24 pack.

Home Depot admits putting the sign out was a mistake, but Matt Harrigan says all individual bottles are being sold at 17 cents now and says would “never raise prices during a disaster and we freeze prices as soon as a state of emergency is declared.”

By the way this photo was taken BEFORE Hurricane Harvey and following the aftermath of the hurricane, the Home Depot foundation announced their commitment of $1 million to disaster relief efforts, to learn more click here. Team Depot, an associate-led volunteer force is being mobilized to head down to the impacted flood areas and help the community clean up and rebuild.


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