Did a delivery driver toss Amazon Prime packages out of his vehicle?


Yes, Amazon has confirmed the incident.


Amazon spokesperson


We’ve all heard horror stories of people stealing packages delivered to homes, but imagine if you saw a delivery driver doing the damage to your precious fragiles.

A passerby, Samad Kulture, recorded video of a driver dumping Amazon Prime packages from his vehicle on to the street. He tells WUSA9, the incident happened across from the Fenestra Apartment in Rockville, Maryland on September 14. The driver then delivered the packages to the building, Samad witnessed.

Verify researchers contacted the Amazon driver who confirmed the incident saying once WUSA9 alerted them about the video, they reached out to their delivery driver. “We expect every package to be handled with care and have provided feedback directly to our delivery partner.”

As for their delivery partner, that’s called Amazon Flex, where people can sign up and deliver packages for the company, getting paid between $18-25 an hour, and getting to make their own schedule.

The spokesperson said Amazon’s customer service number is open 24/7 to address issues customers have about damage or defective items delivered. To learn more about how you can leave packaging feedback online, click here.


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