Can you order groceries online from Walmart for Maria stricken victims in Puerto Rico?


No, Walmart does not do online grocery pick up sites in Puerto Rico.


Walmart spokespeson


Puerto Rico has been devastated by Hurricane Maria and the island continues to need every ounce of help it can get to get back on its feet again and this latest circulating on social media involves Walmart stepping up to the plate.

The Facebook post says you can buy canned food and other essential items for loved ones to get when all Walmart’s in Puerto Rico reopen through the grocery pick up. The post then lists the 16 Walmart locations there.

So many people from all over the country have been spreading this post praising the great news and the way to help stranded victims, even actor Esai Morales shared the post on September 27 to raise awareness.

A spokesperson from Walmart confirmed to verify researchers, this claim is false, stating:

"Walmart operates 48 retail facilities in Puerto Rico, which includes two distribution centers and a satellite headquarters, supported by nearly 15,000 associates across the Island. However, we do not have any Online Grocery Pickup sites in Puerto Rico.

We continue to recover from the impact of Hurricane Maria, but it’s been a slower process than we would like due to continued widespread power outages and communication issues across the Island.

We have activated the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at the Walmart Home Office in Bentonville, Ark. to support our associates in Puerto Rico. The EOC is Walmart’s centralized platform for crisis coordination. In the EOC, we work directly with logistics, store operations and other teams within the business to ensure we’re aligned on our support plans.

We have company leadership on the Island and continue to be in regular contact with FEMA, the American Red Cross, and other partners, while we react to various needs. We have also sent communications specialists, electricians and other skilled support teams to the Island to help us recover stores and club locations as quickly as possible."

On the Walmart website you’ll be stopped in your tracks as the front page lets you know orders can’t be delivered to the Maria-stricken island.

However a current relief effort running through October 31, 2017, by Walmart, claims for each dollar you donate to the Walmart Puerto Rico Relief Fund, Walmart will match with two dollars, with their maximum donation limited to $1 million.

To learn more about donating, go to: