Can you have multiple contacts in your eye and not know?


Yes, we can verify this is possible.


Dr. Edward S. Bennett, American Optometric Association

Bryan Rogoff, president of the Maryland Optometric Association

Optometrist Jeffrey Kraskin


A story with the headline “Doctors find 27 contact lenses lodged in woman’s eye, journal reports” went viral.

A British journal reported the woman had worn monthly disposable contacts for 35 years. During surgery, they found more than two dozens of them, and she said she had no idea they were there.

So, is it possible to have that many contacts stuck in your eye and not know? WUSA9’s Verify team reached out to the experts—Dr. Edward S. Bennett, with the American Optometric Association, and Bryan Rogoff, the president of the Maryland Optometric Association.

“It’s not uncommon to have one lens that goes up under a lid. It could be a soft lens that wrinkles up; it could be a glass permeable lens that decenters up there, that could happen.”

“So, a lot of times you can rub your eye, or if the contact lens is not sitting well it can get dislodged and maybe not fall out of the eye itself and can get folded up in a blink and can get dislodged further underneath the lid,” Rogoff said.

Optometrist Jeffrey Kraskin said he has seen patients who think they’ve mistakenly dropped their lens on the bathroom floor, when really they didn’t. besides a little blur, the person may not even noticed, he said.

So, WUSA9 can verify it is possible for a person to have multiple contacts in their eyes without noticing. However, at about three contacts, it will get uncomfortable.


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