Is Strayer University offering a student loan forgiveness program?


No, there is no real “Loan Discharge Program” that forgives federal student loans affiliated with Strayer University.


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A post by Money Mentor shared on Facebook, claims that anyone who attended Strayer University may be eligible to have their federal loans forgiven due to the recently announced Loan Discharge Program.

WUSA9 News contacted Strayer University Public Relations and Communications Senior Manager, Elaine Kincel, who confirmed this is not a legitimate offer that will forgive student loans. "The post you are referencing is an example of a so-called student debt relief company that targets students who may have incurred an attempt to turn a profit by charging students for a service which is actually offered FOR FREE by the federal government.”

Kincel said there is no “Loan Discharge Program” that is generally forgiving federal student loans taken out to pay for Strayer courses or degree programs.

Upon calling the number posted in the advertisement, a customer service representative answered saying he was from Helping Hands Consultants. On their website, the private organization claims to help those that need “professional student loan consolidation preparation services.”

Helping Hands Consultants even received an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau website. WUSA9 News calls were not returned after attempting to speak with a supervisor at the organization.

But a call to the United States Department of Education flagged has now prompted an investigation into the Facebook post.
Even though a Loan Discharge Program does not truly exist, there are ways that you can get your student loans to be forgiven, canceled, or discharged by the university you attended; this includes if the school closes, you become permanently disabled, or you work for the Government or Peace Corps.

For the complete list of qualifications for student loan forgiveness visit the Federal Student Aid website, by clicking here.


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