After two razor blades and a knife were found attached to the handlebars of grocery carts in the past week around the country, is this happening here?


No. We verified that police departments in Arlington County, Alexandria City, Prince George's County, Montgomery County and the District are not aware of this ever happening.


Chief Tim Lewis, Chief of Police Festus, Missouri Police Department

Lieutenant Curt Landrum, Spokesperson Huntsville, Texas Police Department

Charles Crowson, Walmart senior Manager Corporate Communications

Ashley Savage, Spokesperson Arlington County Police Department

Crystal Nosal, Spokesperson Alexandria City Police Department

Captain Paul Starks, Spokesperson Montgomery County Police Department

Corporal Lamar Robinson, Spokesperson Prince George's County Police Department

Dustin Sternbeck, Spokesperson Metropolitan Police Department


Two razor blades were found by a shopper who nicked herself on the blade while using a disinfecting wipe at a Walmart in Festus, Missouri.

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"I jerked my hand away and I looked at my finger and then I looked at the handle and I couldn't believe there was a razor blade," Walmart shopper Michelle Patterson told KSDK, "The first thing I thought was what if it would have been a child in that seat."

Walmart employees gave her First Aid and she got tested for Tetnoius, HIV and anything else she could have caught from the blade.

Walmart sent us this statement, "It's disturbing that someone might try to injure a customer or associate, and we're grateful that no one was seriously hurt."

The Chief of Police in Festus couldn't identify the suspect's potential motive; however he said that shoppers everywhere should remain "hyper-vigilant" given the times.

"We don't know if it's a disgruntled customer, if it's a disgruntled former employee or an employee, we just don't know," Lewis said. "Twenty-five years ago I would say it's just coincidence, don't worry about it. But in this day and age,if you see something say something. Be hyper-vigilant, you never know when something's going to happen anymore.

As we were researching this story, another incident happened in Huntsville, Texas, where a utility knife was found attached to a pushcart handlebar at a grocery store.