Are prices lower if you have a wedding or fly on Friday the 13th?


No, not necessarily


OFD Consulting Wedding Publicist, Wedding Salon,, Hopper


You hear Friday the 13th and think myths and bad luck, but what if superstitions could save you some money?

On this day of supposed bad luck where you’d think most people are too spooked to walk down the aisle of fly, surprisingly we found a lot of people talking about taking the leap on Friday the 13th

Well, word on the street or the internet is that getting married or flying on this doomsday cost less than other days since people surround it with a black cloud. So can you score a sweet deal if you’re brave enough to chance marriage and flying on Friday the 13th? Verify researchers spoke with a Meghan Ely, a wedding publicist at OFD Consulting (a wedding public relations service) and expert for Meghan told our researchers it’s not Friday the 13th specifically that may save you some dollars having a wedding.

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“It comes down to the day of the week; it doesn’t have anything to do with whether it’s Friday the 13th or if it’s holiday, the fact is Saturdays are the most popular for weddings. Expect to see the highest prices typically between October/November and then for Fridays and Sundays, most places will offer a discount, but it doesn’t have anything to do with Friday the 13th, instead their just less popular days,” according to Meghan. Founder Tatiana Byron Marx of the Wedding Salon, a national resource service for all things wedding industry said though Friday the 13th weddings are not necessarily cheaper, a couple can request discounts due to the stigma around the date.

As for flying, data for flying on the Friday the 13th for this week shows prices staying the same on Friday the 13th but decreasing on the 14th, experts at Hopper tell us this is because fewer business travelers are flying on the weekend.

George Hobica, president at, says the day he’s seen low prices because of superstitions is not Friday the 13th but September 11.

So the next Friday the 13th I comes April 2018—but if you think you’re guaranteed to save money for a spring wedding or flying don’t bank on that happening. Now Friday the 13th prices were 14% lower for flyers in May 2016 according to Kayak, but this pattern was only seen across the pond-- not in the U.S. spokesperson Kayla Inserra told WUSA9.