Are gangs using children to lure women into danger?


No, this viral post that has resurfaced is not real.


Corrine Geller- Virginia State Police spokesperson, Major Edward O'Carroll- Commander of Resource Management Bureau Fairfax County Police, Karimah Bilal- Metropolitan Police spokesperson, Captain Paul Starks- Montgomery County Police Spokesperson


Viewer Bonnie McNeely reached out to the WUSA9 News verify team after she came across this letter on social media that’s been going viral.

It's a post that claims gangs are using crying kids to lure unsuspecting women to homes where they'll be attacked.

A simple search for police reports lead our researchers to the truth. We found the same note almost word-for-word spread around in a chain email back in 2005. It popped back up again in 2011, 2012, and it's back again today. All of them reference that generic "county sheriff's department."

Just to be sure, our researchers contacted police departments across the DMV and they all say it's bogus.

Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Karimah Bilal tells WUSA9, "After checking, this appears to be an urban legend. We have no record of incidents related to this."

Virginia State Police and Fairfax County Police say, they've never heard of any case like this.

Officials say if you ever did find a lost child on the street, we all know what to do, call 9-1-1.


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