Are DMV Schools canceling class because of the Eclipse (like a snow day)?


Maryland and many Virginia schools aren't in session yet, and Eclipse Day is the first day of classes of D.C. public schools. They will hold Eclipse viewings at the end of the day.


The State of Maryland Executive Order signed August, 31, 2016

Fairfax Public Schools Student Calendar

Alexandria City Public Schools Student Calendar

Arlington County Public Schools Student Calendar

District of Columbia Guidelines for Viewing the Great American Eclipse

Janae Hinson, Deputy Press Secretary, District of Columbia Public Schools Communication Team


Talk about the best first day every. District of Columbia Public Schools will start class this year the same day the moon partially blocks the sun--which hasn't happened in nearly a century.

One viewer asked whether school would be closed for the solar-lunar spectacle, others wondering whether schools were taking safety precautions.

D.C. schools start August 21 and at 2:42 p.m. classes will file outside to view the partial eclipse will last appropriately two minutes and forty seconds. Dismissal begins at 3:15 p.m.

Each schools been prepping teachers for weeks for the eclipse. Teachers are required to show children how to properly wear eclipse glasses before giving them out. Additionally, staffers are warning students to break eye contact periodically.

Teachers for younger grades are required to give "active adult supervision at all times," to make sure they don't take the filtered glasses off, Janae Hinson, Deputy Press Secretary at DCPS said.

Parents will have the choice opt-out of the solar eclipse viewing if they want their child to remain indoors.

Maryland school and Fairfax, Arlington and Alexandria will not be in session during the eclipse.


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