Do clever people use bad language? 


We can verify that if you curse a lot, it's not because you're too dumb to use other words. One research concludes, the fluency of your cursing correlates to positive personality traits. 


An article with the headline "Expert says intelligent people go to bed late, leave a mess everywhere and use bad language" appeared on the website 10 

The article references research published in the journal Language Sciences. That is a real thing and it publishes peer reviewed articles. WUSA9's Adam Longo has even received a subscription. 

The study is 945 pages long and the conclusion of the research is the fluency of your cursing correlates to positive personality traits.


Do smart, talented people stay up late? 


We can verify the later you're up, the higher your IQ is. 


There is an article written in Psychology Today, which is a widely read and respected magazine. 

The article "Why night owls are more intelligent than morning larks" was written by an evolutionary psychologist.

The author makes a hypothesis that intelligent people are nocturnal and then shows off some graphs saying "an analysis of a large representative sample of young Americans confirms this prediction."

The article didn't link to any research, but Adam Longo found it in the Journal Personality and Individual Differences. 


Does a messy desk mean you're smart? 


We can verify a legit study revealed these results, if a legit study out there says drinking red wine gives you six pack abs, that doesn't mean it applies to everyone.


This study was published Psychological Science. Researchers sent test subjects into a clean room and a dirty room.

They gave both of the test subjects ping pong balls and told them to come up with another use for them.

Judges found that the test subjects in the messy rooms came up with more creative uses for the ping pong balls, meaning that a mess inspired creativity. 


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