Why was the University of Maryland's women's basketball team #3 seed when they had such an excellent record?


We can verify that Maryland Women just didn't have a schedule as strong as these other teams.


One article had the headline "Maryland's Women's Basketball as a 3 seed doesn't make much sense."

The Maryland Women only lost two games this season, that was the best record except for U-Conn, which didn't lose at all.

They lost three games last year and they were a 2 seed, but they only lost two games this year and they're a 3 seed.

What sense does that make, right?

Even coach Brenda Frese seemed dumfounded when the matchups were released on Monday.

From the NCAA selection criteria site, the committee officially considers strength of conference and schedule, non-conference strength of schedule, record against other selected tournament teams and other extenuating factors.

So, in the committee's eyes, maybe. Maryland only had one win over a team that finished in the top 25, Louisville.


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