Is there a bug called the kissing bug and does it bite people while they sleep and infect them with with chagas disease, as stated in an article posted on


We can verify that such a bug exists, but the likelihood of someone contracting the chagas disease from an infected bug is low.


The article that appeared in has a headline that says "This bug is suddenly showing up everywhere. If you see one, you're in danger" and a sub headline that says "think ebola is bad? What this little bug has is much worse."

The article says the bug is called the kissing bug and it likes to bite people around their face when they sleep.

The story claims the bugs bite can infect someone with chagas disease, which allegedly can cause congestive heart failure.

The article says experts are calling this the new AIDS outbreak and its being called the "assassin bug."

The CDC says these bugs are more common in the southern states, even though they do exist here.

It's also not easy for the bug to transmit chagas disease.

The CDC says not all these bugs are infected and even if you get bit by one that is infected, the chances you'll get infected are low.

The World Health Organization says chagas disease affects 8 million people worldwide and kills 12,000 people a year.

National Geographic did a big story about it and reported that yes, it's a growing threat that's just as bad if not worse than Ebola. But again, your chances of being affected are very low.


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