Is Wednesday the biggest sports night ever for DC?


We can verify this is true, if all three teams win.


Dan Steinberg, Washington Post


On Wednesday night, it's the DC sports-pocalypse:

  • The Caps on home playing Game 7 in the playoffs
  • The Wizards in Boston playing Game 5 in the playoffs
  • The Nats at home playing in Game 3 of the Battle of the Beltways against the Orioles

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Dan Steinberg over at the Washington Post reminds us that in 2015 the Wizards had a Game 5 and the Caps had a Game 7, which were both on the second Wednesday in May. Both teams lost.

Only twice in 42 years have the Caps and Wizards won playoff games on the same day. It was in 2015 and three weeks ago. And the Nats won on both those days as well.


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