Is there an FCC investigation into Colbert segment?


We can verify this is false. The FCC has not launched an investigation of Stephen Colbert.


Last Monday, Colbert let out a joke during his monologue.

Many people considered the joke vulgar and indecent.

In a joke about President Trump, Colbert used a curse word that referred to the male anatomy.

Now, the curse word was bleeped out on TV, but still, the message was delivered and plenty of people were upset.

What do you do if something on TV makes you upset? You fire up the computer and send off an email to the FCC.

Well, last week the chairman of the FCC said they would review the complaints they got about Colbert.

If you see something on our show you think is vulgar or otherwise indecent, you write to the FCC and they review every complaint they receive.

So if you tell the FCC you have a problem with WUSA9's Adam Longo's tie, they're going to review your complaint. That doesn't mean they're investigating me or the station.

Bottom line, it's highly unlikely Colbert will face any punishment or penalty from the FCC.


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