Will San Diego's new soccer be named Footy McFooty Face? 


We can verify that the team will not be named Footy McFooty Face. 


Soccer City SD posted a poll for the public to vote on a potential name for a Major League Soccer team in San Diego. 

The voting ended Friday and Footy McFooty Face won in a landslide. 

The voting ended Friday, March 31st. Sports Illustrated published an article, the next day, Saturday, April 1st, which is April Fool's Day. 

The article actually says "yes we know it's April 1st, but this is real. 

The author of the article retweets it to his 35,000 followers. So all weekend, and probably still right now, there are people thinking this is for real.

Soccer City SD, the group trying to lure an MLS team to San Diego produces a video on YouTube, with the graphic of a snarling monster team logo. 

In the video, they don't say what names they're considering, but they are selling Footy McFooty Face t-shirts and donating all the money to charity. So far they've raised about 4,000 dollars. 

While Footy McFooty Face won the poll, Soccer City SD claimed in an announcement that fans from LA found the poll and trolled them by voting thousands of times. 


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