Is Facebook fighting fake news? 


We can verify that Facebook is making it easy for you to tell if a story on your newsfeed is in dispute. 


In order to help determine what stories are real and what stories are fake, Facebook posted a bunch of tips. 

One tip is to investigate the source. Make sure the story is written by a source you trust that has a reputation for accuracy.

Another tip is to inspect the dates. Fake news stories may have timelines that don't make any sense.

There will be an alert box under the headline that says disputed by third party fact checkers and if you try and share that story, a notification box will appear letting you know that the facts in that story might not be accurate. 

So here's what you do if you see something you don't think is true: 

1. Click the down arrow in the top right corner of the post
2. Click, "report post"
3. Click "its a false news story"
4. Then click "mark this post as false news"


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