Did President Trump bully a kid at the White House Easter Egg Roll then laugh? 


We can verify this claim is false. 


Micah Grimes, NBC Nightly News 


An article with the headline "Trump bullies kid at at Easter Egg Roll then laughs" appeared on 

First, we went to its homepage. It's not a President Trump fan club website. It's a site with an agenda to make the president look bad. 

But here's the twist: 

Politico tweeted "Kid asks Trump to sign his hat and then the president tosses it into the crowd...and there's this." 

From the angle of the video tweeted out, it looks like the president took the kids hat, signed it and then tossed it to whoever wanted to catch it. 

However, thanks to a second camera angle courtesy of Micah Grimes with NBC Nightly News, the wider shot shows the president walking up, a kid wearing a light blue shirt and khakis hands the president his hat. The president signs the hat, throws it and the same kid catches it. 



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