Did a Chinese prisoner write a letter found inside a purse that was bought at Wal Mart in Arizona?


We can't verify this claim 100%, because A) We don't know for a fact the letter is legit and (B) If it is, there's only one person who knows when the letter was put there, which was in China, on a cargo ship or in Arizona.


One of our viewers, Laura Greenwood, saw an article on Yahoo's newsfeed that was reposted from the International Business Times.

The article said a hand written letter was found inside a purse someone bought at an Arizona Wal Mart. The letter was written in Chinese and and was allegedly authored by a prison inmate sharing their story of incredibly harsh working conditions.

This story has been covered extensively by a number of different reputable media outlets. But they all link back to only two media outlets that I can find that actually interviewed the woman who brought the purse, which is KVOA, the NBC station in Tucson, and the Arizona Daily Star in Tucson, which seems to have removed the article.

All of the articles on this have a comment from Wal Mart, which didn't deny this happened or claim the woman who bought the purse made it up.

A spokesperson said things like "we can't verify the origin of the letter" and "one of our requirements for suppliers is all work should be voluntary" and "we're looking into what happened so we can take appropriate actions."

When translated the letter says "Inmates are working 14 hours daily with no break. whoever doesn't finish his work will be beaten. Being a Prisoner in China is inhumane."


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