Did a 1950s Western predict the 2016 presidential election outcome and Donald Trump's boarder wall? 


We can verify this is true. A 59-year-old television show featured a con man named Trump who tried to talk people into building a wall.


"Trackdown" - an Western TV series that aired from 1957-1959. 



Almost 60 years before Donald Trump was gaining followers, there was Walter Trump. He was scaring people and trying to make them believe that the world was coming to an end, unless they could build a wall.

The show did actually air on CBS in 1958. It was episode 30 of the first season of a  a Western show called "Trackdown." 

There was no mention of who was going to pay for the wall.  

The show's Trump didn't have the hair game of our modern day Trump and it didn't end well for Walter...He got shot in the end.


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