OK, let's talk flu.

You've probably heard that it's hitting pretty hard this season.

And a lot of animal lovers are asking: Can I give my sweet little boo the flu?

Our mission at the Verify desk is to clear up confusion and get you the facts.

So let's go.

First up -- yes -- Fido CAN GET the flu.

Symptoms are pretty much what you see in people -- coughing, sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes.

The good news is, there's a flu vaccine for dogs.

Sometimes it works. Sometimes not. But vets tell us -- it can't hurt.

As for passing the flu to your little ba-boo?

We contacted local animal hospitals, including Friendship Hospital for Animals in DC and Arlington Animal Hospital. And they all agreed -- you can rest easy.

Doctor Tony Malone of the Houston Humane Society sums it up nicely. He says, "The dog flu and the people flu are not related. It's not zoonotic, meaning dogs can't pass the flu to their owners and owners can't pass their flu to their dogs."

So we can Verify: You won't give the flu to Fido.

Or vice versa.

Can't happen.

What does darling little Dorothy need is she GETS the flu?

Same thing as you.

Plenty of rest.

And a tummy rub couldn't hurt.