A Fairfax County health inspector is facing charges after allegedly assaulting a 26-year-old lifeguard in the Alexandria, Va. area on Thursday.

A warrant was issued for Jonatan Fiseha, 23, of Dumfries, Va. for charges of assault and battery.

Police say Fiseha was at a pool located in the 6000 block of Edgeware Lane for an inspection when police say he inappropriately touched a female lifeguard on the buttocks.

Fiseha was employed at the Fairfax County Health Department for three months. Police say he has been put on administrative duties during the investigation.

The incident happened on Tuesday.

The young woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, is from Columbia and does not speak English. She is in the United States on a three-month cultural exchange/work program and was hired to lifeguard at a condominium pool with many Hispanic residents.

She told WUSA9 through an interpreter that the inspector asked her where the bathrooms were so he could inspect them. Then, in a hallway where they were alone, he slapped her three times on one side of her bottom and three times on the other, while pushing her up against the wall, she said. She felt trapped, until she was able to break free and run out into the pool area where she began shaking and crying. She said she cried for two hours and couldn’t sleep at night.

The young woman is an employee of Sunset Pools. Bob Kiani is the vice president of operations.

“She was shaking and the time she’s calling the supervisors she couldn’t even talk… she was so upset,” said Kiani.

The young women said she reported the incident to help ensure the same thing doesn’t happen to others.

Fiseha, who was hired on May 16, 2017, has been placed on administrative duties, according to a statement from the Fairfax County Health Department.

The statement says a criminal background check on Fiseha before he was hired showed no problems.