For nearly three decades, one UPS worker has changed what it means to be a delivery man.

“I’ve delivered over 2.5 million packages,” Renny Butler said. “When I started thinking about that my body started hurting.”

He’s retiring after spending 28 years on the job.

For Butler’s customers in Vienna, the messenger is often more important than the message.

“We put in some special orders hoping that he would be the one to deliver them,” Sarah Randall said.

Butler’s final shift will be Wednesday, leaving behind a delivery route of broken hearts, including his own.

“It’s tough to say goodbye,” he said.

He realized just how tough it would be on his next-to-last day.

“I’m going to be cool,” Butler told himself. “So I’m coming down the street, and I start seeing the balloons, and the coolness went away. I teared up.”

Customers along his route in Vienna decorated the streets and delivered all sorts of farewell messages to their favorite delivery man.

“I love these people out here,” Butler said.

Butler, who’s 54 years old, is retiring to spend more time with his daughter.