She worries the driver who fatally shot her husband on the Beltway could still be out there, a gunman who opened fire on a man just 15 minutes from home.

Adriano Lombre, 55, was killed behind the wheel Saturday night, shot multiple times from a moving vehicle on the outer loop.

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In an interview Monday, Lombre's wife said Prince George's County Police are investigating road rage as a possible motive -- although the gunman's intent remains far from clear.

"Probably road rage, they think it may be road rage," said Tracey Lombre outside her Upper Marlboro home. "Only they know, God knows. We hope that he has a conscience and will come forward."

She spent the morning and afternoon planning Lombre's funeral with her 19-year-old daughter. They have no hesitation to drive while the suspect is at large, as thousands travel the Beltway this holiday weekend.

"But to take his life, because they're mad, it seems like such aggression the way they did it," his wife said. "Just let us know what he did. If my husband did something, just let us know what he did."

Reached early Monday morning, Prince George's Police offered no additional comment as the investigation continues. Dispatchers received no 911 calls before an officer found Lombre's car stopped in one of the I-495 travel lanes 11:55 p.m. Saturday.

Electronic signs near the exits for Pennsylvania Avenue ask motorists who saw any unusual activity between 11:30 p.m. and midnight to call (866) 411-TIPS.

"Hopefully they come to their senses and repent," Tracey Lombre said of the suspect. "Because they're still out there to hurt someone else. My husband is gone. He didn't hurt nobody."