The University of Maryland Women's Basketball team is still in the hunt for a national championship.

Maryland routed Bucknell 103 to 61 Friday afternoon. The Terps will now take on West Virginia, in the second round, Sunday.

The win comes after Maryland's Men's team was bounced from the tournament Thursday night.

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WUSA9 asked some students on campus about both teams' performances, but frequently people were only aware of what had happened to the Men's team.

Nicolay Duque is a junior at the University of Maryland. He said he was not surprised to hear that some students were unaware of the Women's team's accomplishments.

"(On campus) all the attention goes toward the male basketball team and the football team," he said.

Duque called it unfair. He said the women's team deserves attention due to its success on the hardwood.

Over the last 17 years, the team has gone to the NCAA tournament 14 times.

UMD student Austin Hope said he blames outdated societal norms for people's tendency to overlook the team.

"I just think there's an inherent bias when it comes to athletics that a lot of them are perceived as a Men's domain instead of a Women's domain," he said.

UMD Arden Qiu said she is disappointed that more people don't give female athletes the attention they deserve. However, she believes the University of Maryland has done a good job of trying to promote women's athletics.

"There are a lot of competent women athletes out there that can put on a good show," she said.