With a snip of the novelty scissors, Donald Trump officially opened his new D.C. hotel. He also hopes he found a way to cut into Hillary Clinton’s lead in the polls, by showing off his business acumen in front of the global media.

“My theme today is five words: under budget and ahead of schedule,” Trump told the crowd. “That’s what we did. Under budget and ahead of schedule.”

Often sidetracked by controversies, many of his own making, a subdued Trump Wednesday focused on his campaign’s core message: the government doesn’t work, and Donald Trump can fix it.

“Right now just about everything our government touches is broken, or they break it. It’s always broken, over budget, and simply nothing works,” Trump said. “The tax code is broken. The education system is broken.”

The District’s Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser, who supports Clinton, skipped the opening of the big, new D.C. business.

“I don’t want to be involved in Donald Trump’s politics,” Mayor Bowser told a crowd of reporters.

While Trump was talking up his newest property, on the trail in Florida, Hillary Clinton tried to undermine it.

“He relied on undocumented workers to make his project cheaper,” Clinton told the crowd.

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She continued to work to bank ballots in the Sunshine State, where 2 million people have already cast their votes.

“We can’t take our foot off the gas, even for a short time,” the Democratic presidential nominee pleaded. “Every vote counts. Just ask my friend, former vice president Al Gore.”

A new round of polling Wednesday from battleground states shows Clinton’s leads getting slimmer in places like Florida. One even had Trump leading there.