Donald Trump desperately needed to reach out and expand the tent beyond his core supporters. He especially needs suburban women.

But his apology during the debate for the lewd remarks caught out a hot mic in 2005 does not seem to be helping -- at least not among the suburban women we’ve been talking to here in battleground Virginia.

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None of the women we talked to today were moved by Donald Trump's apology. Even those who want to support him.

“I'm just disappointed as an American and someone who love this country, said Lisa, a swing voter from Fairfax Station who leans Democratic but says she's voted Republican. She’s says she is repelled by Donald Trump. “That he would be commander in chief of the greatest country in the world that I love. It's a character flaw.”

“I personally am a pro-lifer, more on the conservative end of things,” said Patience Leino, who is visiting from the battleground state of North Carolina. She’s unhappy with both candidates, but disgusted by Trump's comments on that bus in Hollywood. “I cannot vote for Donald Trump on conscience,” she said. “I'd love to vote for Pence as President.”

Polls suggest Trump was already facing the largest gender gap in modern American history.

“I don't like either one and I don't know what I'm going to do,” said Chris Camillo, a stay at home mom from Annandale.

“It's disgusting,” said Heather Hopwood, a nutritionist from Alexandria, about the salacious tape. “So no, I don't know anything he could say to satisfy me.”

“Not heartfelt at all,” said Naomi Notes, a retired teacher from Fairfax, about Trump’s debate apology. “Everybody does it?”

But many of the women we talked to were unhappy with both candidates. Several said they were so disappointed with the tone of this debate that they shut if off after a few minutes. Which was before Trump got to Hillary Clinton's emails. And before he compared her to Honest Abe Lincoln -- and found her lacking.