As 2017 comes to an end we are taking a look back at some of the top stories from this year.

1. People are marrying themselves, it's called 'sologamy'

Well, the headline says it all. It's no wonder this story went viral and got so many clicks this year. Yes, apparently the highlight of the year is about people opting to marry themselves. Need we say more about this growing relationship trend?

2. Free marijuana on Inauguration Day

A story regarding free joints being passed out on Inauguration Day came out at the second most read story of the year. It might have something to do with the three following words: free, marijuana and Inauguration.

3. Md. parents prank video outrages YouTube viewers

The third story on our list this year is about a Maryland family that felt the wrath of the internet after posting a prank video that left their child in tears. Social media users weren't thrilled about the so-called "invisible ink prank." It's a prank filled with profanity and a scared child, their son Cody. After the parents spread invisible ink all over the room, the video on YouTube shows the parents using profanity as they blame Cody.

4. VERIFY: Was HIV infected blood put into Pepsi products?

The headline says it all when it comes to number four on our list. Rest assured, this story was just a terrible rumor floating around on social media that actually resurfaced this year. Several WUSA9 viewers reached out and wanted to have this story verified by us.

5. Resorts in Mexico suspected of drugging tourists

A 2017 study by Mexico's Tax Administration Service showed that some 43 percent of all alcohol consumed in the nation is illegal, produced under unregulated circumstances, and resulting in potentially dangerous concoctions. Many all-inclusive hotels in Mexico were suspected of potentially drugging American tourists. Our fifth top story sheds light on some of the bizarre circumstances surrounding these reports.

6. Beating the Odds: 17 DC students receive full college scholarships

Naturally, a story about beating the odds and coming out on top would make it into our top ten stories of this year. Students at Friendship Public Charter School had an emotional year after losing a classmate in a shooting. Yet, only days after they celebrated 17 classmates who received full scholarships to college.

7. Bikers for Trump say they will not back down

Thousands of bikers came into the District this year to help and protect President Donald Trump. The bikers were worried about the anti-Trump protesters trying to disrupt Inaugural events. This story gained plenty attention after some 30,000 bikers made their way to D.C.

8. Video released of teacher kissing student
A story out of Florida regarding a fourth-grade teacher kissing a student in a classroom blew up online this year and landed at number eight on the list. The video shows a 28-year-old kissing his 10-year-old student on the lips.

9. Gang leaders recruit new members at school

Gang members have been recruiting new gang members from a disturbing place -- elementary schools. This concerning story gained plenty of attention this year after it was learned that MS-13 has been targeting this age group.

10. Once-missing teen tells her story

A D.C. teenager who was once classified as “missing” told WUSA9 she actually was “never missing.” The teen opened up and shared her story with WUSA9 to try and help other kids in their own desperate situations. The story gave us some unique insight on what some missing children may be dealing with on a daily basis.